Emma Simon
Emma Simon
Actor, Musician, Teaching Artist

Hi, I’m Emma.


Upcoming Projects

  • Indie feature “The Taste of You” by Dan Ventresca being filmed September 2019

  • Workshop of “Machinal” by Sophie Treadwell with Pigeonholed Theatre Company October 2019

  • Collaborating with actor/playwright Thaddeus McCants on a new work based on classic texts with hopes of touring in 2020

  • Additional writing projects TBA


Recent Reviews

"Simon is a very funny actress, both in her physicality and her verbal presentation; she seems to be right out of The Bronx, totally acquiescent and still in control of most situations. Her physical comedy, particularly in the final act, morning of the fifth day in the play, is nothing short of hysterically funny. Doing back flips and falls, a leather couch her only ally, she brings down the house distributing bananas and peanuts to the inhabitants of the room. As directed by Sky Vogel she nearly steals the show from the very hard-working men, but this actress is clearly a team-player for though her infrequent scenes give her plenty of scope to amuse us, she also finds the pathos of the character's position - working for a maniac - and we feel some compassion for her as fatigue allows her to exploit those comic skills."
- Berkshire Bright Star

"The superb actor who plays Rosemary, Emma Simon, makes an indelible, if eerie, impression, without moving a muscle. In fact, what she does with her body control is so remarkable, it is hard to process. If that sounds salacious, it is anything but. There's nothing tasteless whatsoever."
- BroadwayWorld

"Without giving away the story, let it be known that Emma Simon as Rosemary has what might be considered the hardest part in the play. Her performance is so well done that you may very well gasp in wonderment."
- Aisle Seat