For the stage

Rooted in the belief acting is play and storytelling is key, Emma's classes help students to build the technical muscles necessary to bring freedom and spontaneity to their work. Her teaching is highly physical, combining elements of many training styles in order to fully explore the potential of each student’s unique instrument. She has taught elementary school children to college graduated “adults.”

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for the workplace

Improvisation goes way beyond moments of hilarity you might see on SNL (although that can be a fantastic side effect). Improvisation is about communication. In an ever-changing environment like the workplace, skills such as adaptability and effective communication should honed frequently but are oftentimes overlooked. Professional actors and improvisors work tirelessly to grow and sharpen these skills. Why don’t others?

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for the mind and body

200 hours (and many sore muscles) later, Emma became a certified yoga instructor in 2017. Since then, her practice of yoga and its applications to every day life have continued to deepen. She brings what she learns on the yoga mat into the other aspects of her teaching, adding layers of mindfulness to her classes for actors and professionals.

When in NYC, she teaches and practices at Atmananda Yoga Sequence.