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improve through Improv

THE WHY: Being in front of other people can be difficult. Being your authentic self in front of people can sometimes feel impossible. Your clients and customers respond most favorably to someone they feel they can connect with. If your sales and service teams are held back by fear, there’s no way they’ll be able to work at their fullest potential.

Clowning and improv help reconnect your team to their unique sense of joy and reestablish their connection to “failure.” The skills used on stage are the same skills used in business. They allow team members to have meaningful, effective communication, a greater sense of empathy and finer tuned listening skills. Getting very comfortable with being uncomfortable allows for greater freedom and flexibility in how they communicate. Sound useful? It’s a life-changer.

THE WHAT: After learning about your company, I curate a customized improv-based workshop for your team. Overall themes will include teamwork, creative problem solving, relationship towards fear/failure, public speaking and positive risk taking (aka the art of saying “yes”). There’s a chance we will have some fun along the way, too.

Through interactive exercises, new muscles in the areas of active listening, empathy, adaptability, trust and communication will be built. We will discover then discuss ways that these muscles can be used in the workplace.

THE WHERE: NYC and the greater metropolitan area || Hudson Valley, NY

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